CEO Ed Cantwell Featured in InCharge Healthcare 2017: The Continuum of Care

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As our healthcare delivery system continues to evolve and transform, there is an increasing focus on communication, connection and engagement at every point along the continuum of care.

Certainly, the top executives featured on this year’s cover represent not only excellence in their own particular part of the continuum but a willingness and ability to reach across silos to make healthcare’s triple aim a reality. There has been a transformative shift across the country as the industry expands focus to include prevention and maintenance of health as a central part of the mission to deliver care to the communities being served, and our local healthcare industry has played an integral role in those national efforts.

It’s evident while flipping through the pages of the 2017 edition of InCharge Healthcare, Middle Tennessee is blessed with a wealth of impressive leaders – and each impacts the continuum at different inflection points. While providers and facilities operators are certainly a central part of the equation, so are the venture capitalists, bankers and mentors who fund and nurture innovative young companies … the healthcare attorneys and accountants who help facilitate connections while keeping industry clients on the right side of state and federal regulations … the association executives advocating for thoughtful reforms … and the HIT experts and industry consultants figuring out the most effective, efficient ways to deliver care and share information in a secure manner.

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