Our Model

We have developed a multi-dimensional model to assess plug-and-play interoperability across five main levers.

  • How connected, secure and resilient is your health system’s infrastructure?
  • Is the information your health system needs to exchange formatted to meet your needs?
  • Do the places that send and receive your data speak the same language?
  • Is information exchange sequenced to meet your needs?
  • Do your information exchanges enable safety and optimal decisions?

Interoperability Maturity Model


The answers to these questions may differ by device, system or clinical area – typically the interoperability of a hospital is uneven across its many domains, creating its own unique challenges.

Interoperability is not a specific state, but rather a continuum, ranging from complete inability to share data to the fluid exchange of information. Our model identifies three levels of interoperability – basic, intermediate and advanced.

Our lab will design solutions that aim to advance each of these levers, driving plug-and-play interoperability across the whole system.